Private Label Manufacturer Wins Over $400,000 in Sales From New Private Label Clients, within 1 Year

"Over the last month, we have been getting at least  $10 revenue for every $1 dollar spent on the ads"


- Pharmedica USA

We help private label manufacturers grow by building their list of private label clients.


We do lead capture and strategic Google advertising to reach your ideal clients and get them to talk to your sales team.


The ads are for searches related to product-specific private label needs.


Leads of course are the lifeblood of any business.

The lead flow can make you, or the lack of good leads can break you.


We help companies increase their leads by:

  • Creating or improving your lead pages (aka lead capture pages)
  • Managing Google pay-per-click advertising campaigns, to drive targeted traffic to the pages

Case Study:
Pharmedica USA


Google Report: Weekly Leads from July 2019 to August 2020


Darrell Merrick at Internet Cocktail has increased the number of private label leads we get here at Pharmedica USA, monthly, by at least 500% since we started. Plus, we receive better leads on more dedicated clients. The order value from these leads have been at least $400,000. Over the last month, we have been getting at least $10 revenue for every $1 dollar spent on the ads.

- Fida Abuhmeidan 

Pharmedica USA

Turnaround and Improvement of the Campaigns:

  • Pharmedica USA has had existing Google Ads campaigns, to generate leads for private label supplements (for retailers, gyms, doctors, fitness trainers, etc).  The right general idea. But unfortunately the campaigns were generating almost no leads per month.

  • We came in and did a turn-around of their campaigns, and the way that the leads are qualified and captured.  Within a month, they were starting to get real leads from the campaigns.

  • Within 4 months, after additional improvements, they were getting an average of 3 high-quality leads per day.

  • Over the following months they had ramped up to 10 leads per day. Until they decided to actually reduce the lead volume because they were getting more than their sales team could handle!

  • The Google Ads campaigns are now their biggest source of leads, by far. The consistent flow of good leads has allowed them to dramatically increase their sales

Do you have any of the following challenges?

  • Not enough leads

    Symptom: not get enough prospects to generate the necessary revenue to comfortably make a profit.


  • Poor-quality leads

    Symptom: Wasting time on unqualified people. Especially those that just want a handful of units (or even just 1) for themselves and friends/family. Not actual business leads.


  • Spending time/money on traffic and not getting results

    ​Symptoms: keep spending time and/or money on pay-per-click advertising, SEO, social media, content generation ... and getting pretty much zero ROI from it. Just getting unqualified people asking for free samples.

How we fix the problems and improve your results:

  • New landing page, focused on conversions


    Benefit: immediate boost in lead conversion (converting your site visitors to leads)


  • Content that qualifies, while warming up the lead


    Benefit: better quality leads that are more prepared to talk about their specific order requirements (and less individuals who are just looking for one-off or very-small-batch orders). Work to weed out the people who would say "just send me a sample of 5 and I'll do a huge order later" and never actually do a real order.


  • Proven PPC process, ads and keywords for private label clients


    Benefit: good flow of quality traffic to the landing pages, that in turn convert into leads.

Get Some Immediate Help to Increase and Improve Your Lead Volume


Book a "Private Label Leads Strategy" call to see where you are at, and how you could immediately boost the quantity and/or quality of leads. Just a short 15-20 minute call.


No pressure. This is to give some quick guidance, and see if you would potentially be match for our services - to get the direct ongoing help with your pages and campaigns. 


Bonus: we can also give quick tips on getting inbound calls from Google Ads, if you prefer calls.